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Aeries Online Enrollment allows you to enroll your student for school in the New Haven Unified School District.  The online process typically takes between 20-30 minutes.  If you cannot complete the process in one sitting, you may log out and resume the process later by logging into your account.  

You must have a valid email address to proceed.  No email address? Google provides free accounts.

If you're interested in your child being a part of New Haven's Two-Way Dual Immersion program to learn Spanish or Mandarin, please go to our enrollment page for more information after you have finished enrolling your child.

You will need to provide your student's:
•Demographic information,
•Parent/guardian and emergency contact information,
•Medical information,
•Student's past academic and school history, if applicable.

You will also need to provide the following documentation:
•Verification of a valid address within the New Haven Unified School District boundaries (for resident enrollees),
•Verification of your student's birthdate,
•Immunization records,
•If applicable, student transcripts and IEP/504 documents.
Specific details about the required documentation can be found on our Enrollment Page.

If your student or your student's family faces unique challenges and needs additional support for completing the enrollment process, please get in touch with the Centralized Enrollment Center (510-476-2625) for support, which can include outreach by the Union City Family Center.


Once you have completed STEP 1, New Haven's Centralized Enrollment Center reviews and processes your student's enrollment information.  After your student is officially enrolled in New Haven, the Centralized Enrollment Center will contact you with your student's starting date.

Click the "Enroll A New Student" button to begin enrolling your student.

To review or reprint your child's existing enrollment information, click on the "Login" button.